Original Creative Activities for Young Children

The Attractive Land Model
The Scenery of Israel in 3D
Simulation Games / Board games

Wall Games

The Activities and materials, are an invaluable asset to your community, camp, or school.​

The Scenery of Israel in 3D
The 3D exhibition is an original collection of 80 breath taking pictures from Israel. Now, you not only learn about Israel and step into the country,but you are actually able to SEE Israel. The photos come with 100 pairs of special 3-D glasses, sweeping you into landscape of Israel in an exciting and original way.

Simulation Games 
A game based on a colorful, laminated blank map of Israel.
The participants are asked to attach colorful stickers to the proper place on the map. The kit contains 20 two sided copies of the blank map and 80 sticker sheets


Wall Games
The "Journey of the Century" is a series of wall games based on Israel's geography and history. The activity consists of two teams competing for points while learning to recognize Israel's landscape. Each team is shown photographs and scenery from Israel and asked to identity the picture first by sight or with the help of a series of clues. The Journey of the Century is a fun way to expose large groups to the Israel experience. The kit comes with 24 colorful laminated photographs from Israel, each is described in the Teacher's Manual.