About US
Yoel Amster Instruction Services Inc.
Creating, producing and implementing projects in education.

The Objective: Added Value to School Learning
The infinite curiosity of children is the motivating force of education. The capacity to satisfy and expand their natural and enthusiastic curiosity, day after day throughout each child's years of schooling is the essence of the mission of "education".

The Vision: The Pupil's Experience, the Teacher's Tool
Over the past 10 years, more than 1,000,000 pupils have participated in the Yoel Amster Company's projects. Those who have seen the Yoel Amster Company's materials and programming are always happy to see us a return for a second, and third time. 

We offer the schools' teaching and education staff quality tools that enable them to demonstrate the learning material to the pupil, giving meaning to their explanations and intensify participants inquisitiveness, attention levels and basic burning desire for knowledge. We offer the teacher the opportunity to expand beyond the physical boundaries of the classroom.

The System: Interactive Event-Days
The Yoel Amster Company initiates and runs a variety of projects which are all originally developed products and programs within the framework of the school or community. Each event-day is designed for a different level (events can be adapted for several levels simultaneously, according to the desires of the host institution or organization).

The event-day is comprised of a series of experiences in which pupils participate - as groups, teams and individuals, and interact individually with the learning tools, and with one another. On one level, the event-day encompasses a particular subject. On another level, the subject is studied and examined, through a experiential approach, presenting participants with models, role-playing games, challenges, thinking games, and more. Each stage is accompanied by mediums and aids especially designed for each project

The "Attractive Land" project is unique in that it remains a permanent possession, enabling continued enjoyment together with a wide range of study topics and issues of current events.

The Reputation: Excellent Ideas, Perfect Implementation
The Yoel Amster Company is a conceptual company. With its wealth of experience and motivation in the field of education, we succeed in creating and developing original, innovative, attractive and effective ideas. Recognizing the necessity of integrity in education and understanding the right approach, The Yoel Amster Company masters every aspect of every project at every stage - down to the finest detail.

Our staff creates the idea and develops the program to fit individual needsl.